The Wednesday Audio #7


Amazingly, this is the first episode I’ve titled ‘Wednesdays’.

I take my craft seriously and I am attempting to stick to the topic.

There’s a special guest towards the end, but he gets a bit shy.

The transcript

Hello, my name is Craig and I promise pinky promise not to begin this episode with a sigh.

I can't do it. I feel like the Wednesday audio it's become a thing. Now I need to say, and then do the bell dong thing and we'll get into the episode.

Hello, and welcome to the episode. Another thrilling episode of the Wednesday audio, it is quite possibly the only podcast in the world. That's about Wednesdays that he's released on a Wednesday. There may be other podcasts that occasionally talk about Wednesdays, but none of them. Stick. So rigidly to the topic like I do, although I have to admit slightly last week, we weren't really about Wednesdays for a lot of it, but, you know, I, I take my craft seriously.

Right. And I try to keep these on topic as much as possible to Wednesdays. So welcome to another Wednesday. This is a Wednesday. If you know what it feels like. It was only seven days ago that I did another one of these episodes.

Use that as a, you know, a little bit of a, to let you know when I've made a joke as well. So what to talk about? Well, I guess we should begin with a listener missives of which I have one this week. So thanks John. For the massive John said the Wednesday audio has become one of the things I look forward to most on Wednesdays.

Very. All right. They were his exact words. Very. All right.

Thanks John money. I mean, I'm glad that this is now one of the things that you look forward to most on a Wednesday, and it's very, all right. That's, that's better than vast, better than Bart, I suppose, which is amazing because this is the only way. Episode seven, but yeah. Thanks. Thanks for your missive. As always, if you've got any missives, please send them in.

I desperately need content as always. Wednesdays is not an expansive topic. It's just an excuse for me to sit at the mic, rarely and pretend to talk about Wednesdays and see if I can eat out for about 10 minutes each episode. But I have, I've got things. I've got things to talk about this week. So, uh, I suppose we, we we've been able to do this.

So why are restaurants quiet on Wednesdays? Yeah, that's the level we go into this week and I went to a restaurant last week on a Wednesday. And it was quiet and I thought, you know what? Restaurants are always quiet on a Wednesday. That's it? That's the end of the episode. Restaurants are quiet on a Wednesday.

No, um, we'll, we'll carry, we'll carry on. We'll find something else to talk about, but it did. It did make me curious. You know, Wednesday's restaurants are always quiet on a Wednesday as why do people not go to restaurants? On a Wednesday. I mean, there isn't any joke, but you know, we'll check it. We'll check a ding in the, the, the most serious point I want to make.

And we will come around to Wednesdays. Again, the Wednesday audio has accidentally given me a Wednesday. So this episode is strictly going to be about Wednesday because this episode now has given me a Wednesday. I'm one of those people. You know, I enjoy everything that I do. And I was talking about this on the cult that Thomas J Bevin rums, actually the other day, about how all my days merge into one, there isn't a set line in them.

Really. I, I do work. My job is creative. I'm a designer. Of many of the things during my day job, I'm a designer and that blurs into my hobbies. And then I also kind of do podcasting sometimes for a job. And I also do it for fun, whatever, you know, I guess this is fun. And I also do it for fun. So the, the line between my work and my hobbies and everything else in my life is very blurred.

So I don't really notice when Mondays roll around or when Tuesdays rolled around are indeed. And what is pertinent to the topic of this podcast when Wednesday rolls around. But now I do a thing on a Wednesday and it's called the Wednesday off. So for the first time in my life probably fall, well, not the thirst first time in my life, but probably for the longest time, I can remember since bloody hell, at least 15 years, I've got a Wednesday thing.

Again, feels, feels, I don't know. Strange, weird. I actually look forward to Wednesdays. Like John Wednesdays is become very all right. And now I've got a thing in my week. I've got lots of things in my week. I record another podcast on Tuesdays and Tuesdays is a thing, but now Wednesdays is the thing. And now when I go to a, a restaurant on a Wednesday and it's dead and I get served very quickly.

And when I come home, I think, oh, you know what? I've got to, I've got a podcast to record. I've got, I've got a mic that I've got to go.

I've got to make, I've got to go do that into, I've got to make, I've got to go sign into for a bit. Um, it's it's quite, I dunno. It's, it's very all right. It's quite nice to have that thing on a Wednesday because usually my dad's blood together. They don't blood together anymore. I've got a thing in the middle of the week, and I know when I've spoken about Wednesdays before in the past on this.

I mean, the whole reason for the music in the background is that everybody hates Wednesdays and Wednesdays. Isn't a thing to look forward to. It isn't an event it's just the shitty middle of the week that you don't look forward to. You want it to go by as, as quickly as possible, but I never saw Wednesday like that.

I just saw Wednesday as a thing to blur past, which I mentioned before. And now it's an event. And I've made it an event. Maybe I've made it an event for you as well. A very all right event, at least a very all right event. And I'm happy with that. You know, I'm, I'm happy with that. I'm a pizza, a very all right event for at least one person.

I listen. Well, cat's trying to jump into this episode. Well,

Obviously he's got, he's got stage fright or something. Microphone fry. Come on, man. Anyway, that was it. Yeah. I suppose that's Wednesday. Welcome to another Wednesday. This was episode seven. This was me. It was the Wednesday audio. And this episode was called Wednesdays. I'll very matter. And until next time, some point in the future in about seven days.

I'll see you soon. Let's have one, a little bit of a chat. Yeah. See ya soon. .