The Monday Visual is about reading (not visuals)

“Leaders read, and readers lead.” — Arvid Kahl


No, not “good morning” as those two letters apparently now mean. Good Monday, for it is Monday and the Monday is good1.

Today’s visual is about reading. Arvid sent me this great quote above about leaders reading and readers leading. The wordplay is excellent, but this isn’t even about leading. It’s just about reading.

Even if you have no desire—like me—to be a leader in the grandest sense of the word, reading is quite a good thing to do. And no, not just reading the non-fiction, your 7 Habits of Blah and your Atomic Habits, actually just reading. Anything really. Anything you enjoy. That’s always a good place to start.

Because reading is one of the only activities we have left that isn’t trying to remove our attention spans. Reading doesn’t damage you, it only improves you. Social media always takes a little part of you every time you consume it. No matter how much you’re aware of it and even if you’re only on it for 10 minutes a day, it’s taking things away from you.

Books give you things back. Knowledge, laughter, fun, thoughts. Attention spans2.

Just go read a book or something. It’s nice and it’s fun and it gave me an excuse to make a visual about books.


Well, my Monday is nearly over now it’s 10pm but it was good.


I used to have one of those.