Obviously I'll talk about NFTs today

Not too much though. It is The Monday Visual after all.

I have to admit I’ve been a little Debbie Downer on NFTs for probably too long. I was a downer on Bitcoin too the first time. I was in the perfect position to do something the first time (bitcoin), the perfect position to do something the second time (ethereum), and now I’m in the perfect position to do something the third time around (NFTs).

This time though I have an audience of people who like my daily doodles. This time I’ve made over 900 of the bastards so there must be at least something in there worth selling…

So I decided to. I launched a collection of my favourite first 50 from Unobvious and amazingly I’ve sold 8 of them already and made 1.5eth.

For the first time since I started making things online seriously over 1.5 years ago it feels like the work was worth the effort. The work to bite my tongue and play the engagement games I now shun so fiercely. The work to be a bit of a Reply Guy and to not destroy my audience. There’s so much I would have done differently over the way but it’s playing out alright. And I like that.

I think I’ll talk about this a lot more on Friday but for now, just go enjoy your Monday, look at the visual and do something more useful.

We’re in some weird times right now folks. The gatekeepers have truly been slain, the excuses have truly been laid bare and the only thing left to do is do something about it.