Negatives and positives

The Monday Visual #5

It’s Monday and it’s nearly done for us in the UK.

I’m writing this late on Monday, like always.

For years I tried to stop myself being a late-worker. I simply refused to believe that this was the best time for me to be working, the time when I felt the most creative and the most alive.

I refused to believe it because I’d been conditioned that I shouldn’t believe it. At 11pm at night, we should be getting ready for bed shouldn’t we? Winding down. Ready to start early all over again.

After all, I’d been taught I should work 9-5 and not a second longer for my entire life. My entire British education socialised me into this belief.

Believe me, I tried. I tried really hard to get up early.

I tried the Jocko Wilink: getting up at 4.30am and taking photos of my watch.

I tried reading books about going to bed early.

I tried meditating on a morning.

I tried journalling on a morning.

I tried going to the gym early on a morning.

Believe me, I tried.

Eventually I realised a deeper truth, ironically in one of those early morning journalling sessions when I’d been meditating on some meaningful non-fiction book I was reading at the time.

“Craig. You need to find a postive in your negative.”

Or, what I actually wrote down was something more to this effect:

“Fuck ‘em. Be you.”

Whilst both of those phrases would probably make an interesting visual, I decided to go for the less controversial one.

Here’s an even more official quotation:

“When you appreciate your faults, they lose their power over you.” — Mark Manson

Enjoy your evening, and do whatever the hell you want with it.

Speak soon.