Consistently talking about consistency

The Friday Writer-ings is limping towards the early hours of Saturday

There's lots of ways to hide when you create a piece of work. You can hide behind big words, fancy rhetoric, big and bold delivery. You can hide behind overly complex concepts that are actually really simple but you choose to tell them in a complex way, just like this sentence.

The only thing you can't hide away from is being consistent.

The fancy words fade away, the long sentences are forgotten and the delivery is forgotten...unless you become consistent.

Consistency is honest.

You can see if I'm writing regularly. You can see if I'm still publishing my woeful podcast about Wednesdays. You can see if I'm still attempting to write on a Friday, even though it's nearly midnight and I've had 2 cans of Guinness.

So often we take the easy way out. So often we decide to be inconsistent so we can use that as an excuse for why we're bad at what we do.

"Well, I tried it for a week and I didn't get 1 million followers. I must be bad."

I constantly tell everybody I'm bad at everything. I'm stupid, I come from a small working-class town in the UK where people like me don't do things like this.

I'm being a little glib when I say I'm bad at everything, because what I really mean is I would have been bad at everything.

If I would have relied on my environment to inspire me and pick me up and show me stardom and teach me how to write and record podcasts and make visuals and become a designer and...I wouldn't have been any of those things.

The only thing that taught me those skills was consistency.

A willingness to turn up nearly every day for over a decade to be bad, then a little bit good, then finally good.

Consistency tends to do that to you.

Consistency also tends to make you write about consistency when you nearly forgot to write on Friday like you promised. But that's a story for another day.

Enjoy the long weekend.