The Wednesday Audio #22


Welcome to another edition of my podcast that is exclusively about Wednesdays, recorded on a Wednesday and driving for a better Wednesday for all except me.

This week:

  • I decide to talk about c*ntent

  • I speak to you

  • I pretend to value your input

  • Graeme says my name wrong

  • I throw some words in the Banned Words Bin

  • I read out some tweets I love (?)

  • I talk about Wednesdays

  • I get bored of writing these bullet points

  • I forget where I am in the episode

  • I realise I still need to eat some food

  • I realise that nobody even reads these bullet points

  • I realise that nobody even listens to the podcast

  • I realise for some reason I decide to carry on

  • I realise I am realising I’m realising I’m writing a list

  • I stop

Until next week, enjoy your Wednesday.

Bye bye.