Building an empire

The (late night) Monday Visual #3

Hello my friends.

I’m here late tonight because I’ve just spent 3 hours in a private conversation club discussing topics that can’t normally be discussed.

Maybe I’ll write about that later in the week. But for today, it’s about the visual.

One written post or page or article by itself is an experiment.
500 posts is an empire. — Alex Mathers

As I get older I—rather egotistically—start to think about what advice I’d want to pass on to other people.

I get asked this question on nearly every podcast I go on, which obviously helps me to think about it too.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to somebody listening right now?
What would you say to your 18 year old self?

I feel two things about these kinds of questions.

  1. Life is messy and complicated and there’s no way anything I’ve done in my life will be of any use to you in yours.

  2. Putting my more useful “giving value” hat on, I’d say: create something every day.

Create something every damn day

Quotes about consistency, being proflic or anything anyway remotely in-between always hit me in the feels because this is the only thing I’ve ever found to be repeatedly true in my life for nearly 15 years.

Nearly every year as a professional designer I’ve taken on a daily creative project. Every single time I’ve taken on a daily creative project I’ve been objectively better at something by the end of the year.

Any month or time where I’ve not been creating daily hasn’t been as rewarding for me.

Note: I’m not saying for an audience. Building an audience and any of that stuff is a very new concept for me, a concept just one year old. But building skills and improving has happened every year just by making something bad every day.

Consistently banging the drum

This is a drum I’ll bang repeatedly every single day. I’ll shout this from the rooftops. Whenever I’ve convinced anyone to do this they’ve also found value from the process.

It’s a hill I’ll die on, it’s a flag I’ll wave forever and some such other tired metaphors and idioms.

Sorry. This is one I won’t apologise for being hoorah gung ho.

Play some Rolling Stones in the background.
Roll the credits.
Consider yourself inspired.

Go make something.