Apr 20 • 32M

A guy walks up to me...

The Wednesday Audio #49

Craig Burgess
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So a guy walks up to me and asks me a question.

“Am I in a podcast intro?”

At the time he wasn’t, but I thought I’d go along with it anyway. It felt right to go along with it.

“Yeah. You are actually.”

“Oh. I’ve never been in one of those before. Last week I was in a podcast, but I’ve never been in an intro.”

I nodded to him.

“So what’s this podcast called?”

“Well, it’s more of an audio really.”

“Well what’s this audio called then?”

“The Wednesday Audio.”

“Oh. That’s the podcast I was in.”

“Yeah I know. I recorded it. And entirely made you up last week. All this bit is doing now is to serve as a spoiler for this week’s episode.”


And he walked off. Never to be seen again.